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What does the fiberglass sleeve do?


What does the fiberglass sleeve do?

1. The material we use

The alkaliless fiberglass is woven into a tube, after high temperature stereotypes, coated with silicone resin and baked and cured. It has strong dielectric performance, high heat resistance - 50 plus 250 degrees, good self-extinguishing VW-1 and softness

2. Our application range

Casing is widely used in H/N grade motors, household appliances, lighting, electrical products, electrical and electronic, aerospace, new energy harnesses, electrical equipment and heat-resistant electrical appliances and other products insulation protection.

3. The plan we have solved

Silicone casing has a strong chemical stability, thermal oxidation stability, silicone in oil and water, acid and alkali and other substances are not able to react, within 200 degrees C, can be long-term use and not aging, the natural environment can be up to decades of service life, can maximize the protection of pipes, cables and equipment, greatly extend its service life