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Where is the silicone fiberglass sleeving suitable for application


Where is the silicone fiberglass sleeving suitable for application?

Our company has specialized in the production of silicone fiberglass sleeving for ten years, and the technical personnel engaged in this industry have more than 30 years of rich experience. The following introduces where the silicone fiberglass sleeving is suitable.

1. The material we us

It is made of alkali-free glass fiber woven into a tube, after high-temperature shaping, coated with silicone resin and baked and cured. It has strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance -50+250 degrees, good self-extinguishing VW-1 and flexibility

2. Our scope of application

Bushing applications are widely used in the insulation protection of H/N class motors, household appliances, lighting, electric heating products, electronic and electrical, aerospace, new energy wiring harness, electrical equipment and heat-resistant electrical appliances and other products

3. Solutions we have solved

Silicone resin casing has strong chemical stability, thermal oxidation stability, and does not react to oil, water, acid and alkali in organic silicon. It can be used for a long time without aging within 200 ℃, and its service life under natural environment can be For decades, it can protect pipelines, cables and equipment to the utmost extent and greatly extend their service life