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What are the operating characteristics of PVC casing?

What are the operating characteristics of PVC casing?
The operating characteristics of PVC are as follows:
1. Standard colors: black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple.
2. The environmental protection function is suitable for the instruction scale.
3. Easy to operate, it can be heated and contracted by an oven and a hot air gun, and can also be contracted by a heat shrinking machine for continuous production line.

4. Combination scale: -55℃~125℃.

5. The initial shrinkage temperature is 70℃, the complete shrinkage temperature is 120℃, and the longitudinal shrinkage rate is less than 8%.
6. Good impact resistance and heat resistance: the multi-casing tube will not split under normal tamping impact during the concrete pouring process, and will not be softened by the heat of condensation during the construction process.
7. Moisture and acid and alkali resistance: PVC casing has excellent moisture resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and will not rust. The joints are bonded with PVC adhesive according to the regulations, which can be waterproof and penetrate into the pipe, and the result is better. Therefore, it is more suitable for operation in a corrosive environment.
8. Flame-retardant: PVC casing self-extinguishes away from the fire (it will self-extinguish within 30 seconds after the flame is separated), the flame will not spread along the pipeline.
9. Insulation: PVC bushing has excellent insulation performance, and will not break down under AC2000V, 50Hz under water immersion. In terms of preventing accidental electric shock, the international trend is that insulation is better than grounding.